Best Luggage Storage Boston

If you are traveling to the city of Boston, then you have a number of options for luggage storage. From airports to lockers to mobile storage, there are plenty of different options to store your luggage in Boston. However, not all of these storage methods are equal. Some are much more efficient, convenient and affordable than others. Here is a quick rundown of these options.

Logan Airport

Many airports offer storage for luggage. However, this type of storage can be extremely expensive. In fact, it can often cost up to $35 per day to store one bag at an airport storage area.

Hotel Storage

Hotel storage is another option. However, it too can be quite expensive and can cost up to $20 or more for large bags. Further, hotel storage is not very convenient if you are visiting the city and want to spend the least amount of time dealing with storing your bags. Include the fact that if you are not staying at the hotel this service is not really available to you. Sure you could bamboozle a hotel concierge bellhop but that’s not very efficient coupled with the fact you do not have insurance on the reservation. Also, often times hotels are often located far away from bus stations, airports, and train stations. So, even just getting to the hotel to store your bag can take a lot of time and can cost extra money you don’t need to spend. It is better to find a convenient location right where you arrive in the city to store your bags for the day before you go and check into your hotel at night.

Store Luggage At Friend’s Place

This may not be convenient and will require coordination, which can be a real pain for your friend among other challenges. Also, if your friends are not the most organized people in the world, this can add more complications! Frankly, there just better options out there!

Train Stations

Train Stations such as South Station often provide temporary luggage storage. However, you will have to show a train ticket to use this storage, and it tends to be very expensive. Also, if you will be venturing away from the immediate vicinity of the train station, then it is definitely not convenient.


Lockers are a decent luggage storage option. But, they typically do not have attendants and extra security. So, you really don’t want to store anything that is too valuable in lockers. These locations also might not be convenient if you will not be staying right near them.

Self Storage Centers

Storage centers in Boston can get the job done, but they often do not optimize convenience. For example, many of them do not have apps that allow you to reserve your storage space for your luggage. Additionally, these options are set up for more mid to long-term storage where you have to sign paperwork to rent space. Overall, they are not ideal for the on-the-go short-term luggage storage.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage involves having a car come and pick up your bags, take them, and store them temporarily while you spend your day enjoying the city. While this service may seem convenient, there can be a number of complications associated with it. This service takes more coordination and time to have your luggage picked up and and dropped off. Furthermore, rates for mobile storage can be on the expensive side.

StoreMe Method: The Choice of the Modern Traveler

The StoreMe method provides optimum convenience and extremely competitive hourly and daily pricing. Simply download the StoreMe app, reserve space with one of our conveniently located luggage storage Hosts and drop off your luggage. StoreMe has locations all over Boston and there is sure to be one very close to you–so don’t sweat it!

StoreMe caters to the modern traveler by making their service mobile-friendly, simple, and cost-friendly. If you would like to store your luggage in the cheapest, safest, and most convenient way, then you should check out StoreMe today!

1. Install the App

Tap or click HERE for iOS and HERE for Andriod. Search “getstoreme” in the Apple or Google Play Store and download the app. You can do this before you land or when you just touch down. Search the city for the neighborhood you are looking for luggage or bag storage, and select a time that fits into your schedule for pick-up.

2. Reserve a Space

When you’ve decided on a location to store your bags or luggage make sure you select the number and size of items as well as how long you’d like to store. Snap a quick photo of your luggage, and you should be all set. StoreMe app will provide you with an estimated storage price. You will have one hour to check-in to your location after reserving. If you fail to show up, your reservation will expire, but not to worry as you can always make a new one!

3. Check-in Luggage or Bags

When you arrive at your StoreMe location, show the location host your email confirmation with all of your reservation details so he or she can confirm everything on his or her end. Once confirmed, the host will check you in and put your luggage or bags in a safe and secure place.

Why StoreMe?

StoreMe is the most seamless, has the most locations, and is a brand you can trust. You can store a small item for as little as $1 per hour with StoreMe. StoreMe’s app is also extremely user-friendly and makes storing luggage and bags as easy as hailing an Uber.

Oh, we give you the peace of mind and comfort of where you are storing before reserving. We don’t hide the details of our Host locations! So, if you need to store your luggage in Boston, then you should strongly consider utilizing StoreMe’s on-demand services. StoreMe also provides insurance up to $3,000 per reservation.

Store as Many Pieces of Luggage As You Like

If you are someone who travels with a lot of luggage, then you can store it all with StoreMe. The app makes it more convenient than you might believe. StoreMe will store all of your luggage and keep it safe and secure. Whether you have one bag or ten! StoreMe can store them all of them for you.

Now That You Are Luggage Free, Enjoy The Sights

Here is a list of some of the best attractions that the city of Boston has to offer.

Boston Commons
Faneuil Hall
Fenway Park
Paul Revere’s House
The Long Wharf
The Freedom Trail
TD Garden

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