Best Luggage Storage San Francisco

Best Luggage Storage in San Francisco: Advice for the Modern Traveler

Many people who travel to San Francisco arrive in the city with a number of different bags that they have to carry around. Carrying heavy, clunky bags while you walk around the city can be extremely inconvenient and very annoying. Luckily, there are a number of great temporary storage options available for travelers who will be visiting San Francisco. Here is a brief rundown of all of the options that you have available to you if you will be traveling to San Francisco and need temporary luggage storage.

San Francisco International Airport  

The San Francisco International Airport does provide temporary luggage storage. However, luggage storage at airports tends to be one of the most expensive options. In fact, to store a single bag at the San Francisco International Airport will most likely cost you $20-$35. If you need to store multiple bags for multiple days, then these costs can quickly add up. Also, unless you happen to be spending your entire trip near the San Francisco International Airport, it is not exactly going to be convenient to return to the airport to collect your luggage. Also, you may get stuck having to pay for an expensive cab or uber to come back and get your luggage. This can add to the total cost of storing your luggage at an airport.

Hotel Storage 

Hotel storage is another option in terms of short-term luggage storage in San Francisco. However, just like with storage at the San Francisco International Airport, hotel storage can be very expensive and inconvenient. Storing large bags in hotels can cost up to $20. Also, again, if your hotel is not near the place where you will be spending your day, then you will have to return to the hotel to pick up your luggage. This is not only time consuming but can be expensive if you have to take a long taxi or Uber ride.


You may be able to find random storage lockers in the city. However, there are several problems with traditional storage lockers. First, storage lockers typically do not have attendants on hand. So, this means that security is not very good, generally speaking for storage lockers. So, if you have valuables in your luggage, then it is really not wise to store your luggage in storage lockers. Also, storage lockers also might not be conveniently located near where you will be spending your day, causing you more time and money to return to the locker location to pick up your bags.

Self Storage Centers

Self storage centers can be less pricey than storing your luggage in hotels or airports. However, there are a couple of issues when it comes to storing your luggage in self storage centers. First, self-storage centers tend to want to lock you in for a contract that goes beyond a month. Second, self storage centers often do not have apps that let you book storage spots in advance, and therefore do not optimize convenience. This type of storage is really not designed for short-term storage. It is more for mid or long-term storage.

Your Friend’s Place 

If you have organized and responsible friends, then this may be an option. However, if your friends are not necessarily known for their organizational skills, then you might be better off with a different luggage storage option! Convenience can be a real issue, also, when it comes to storing your luggage at your friend’s place. If your friend does not live near the place where you will be spending your day, then it’s going to be a pain to get back to their place to pick up your luggage.

Train Stations 

Train stations such as Caltrain Station and 22nd St. Station often have temporary luggage storage options available. However, to us this storage, you may be required to show a train ticket stub. So, this can be a problem if you did not recently ride on a train. Train station storage also tends to be a bit on the pricier side. Further, most train stations do not have apps that allow you to reserve your storage space in advance. So, there is a chance there will not be any space available when you try to store your luggage at the train station.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage involves having a car come and pick up your bags, take them, and store them temporarily while you spend your day enjoying the city. While this service may seem convenient, there can be a number of complications associated with it. This service takes more coordination and time to have your luggage picked up and and dropped off. Furthermore, rates for mobile storage can be on the expensive side.

StoreMe Method: The Choice for the Modern Traveler

1. Install the App 

Tap or click HERE for iOS and HERE for Andriod. Search “getstoreme” in the Apple or Google Play Store and download the app. You can do this before you land or when you just touch down. Search the city for the neighborhood you are looking for luggage or bag storage, and select a time that fits into your schedule for pick-up.

2. Check-in Luggage or Bags

When you arrive at your StoreMe location, show the location host your email confirmation with all of your reservation details so he or she can confirm everything on his or her end. Once confirmed, the host will check you in and put your luggage or bags in a safe and secure place.

3. Reserve a Space

When you’ve decided on a location to store your bags or luggage make sure you select the number and size of items as well as how long you’d like to store. Snap a quick photo of your luggage, and you should be all set. StoreMe app will provide you with an estimated storage price. You will have one hour to check-in to your location after reserving. If you fail to show up, your reservation will expire, but not to worry as you can always make a new one!

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