Best Luggage Storage Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a beautiful city, and traveling there can be extremely rewarding. However, if you have to carry your bags around while you are wandering the city, it can be very frustrating. There are a number of options for luggage storage in the city of brotherly love, however, they are not all equal. Here is a brief rundown of all of the luggage storage options you have available if you will be in Philadelphia in the near future.

Philadelphia International Airport 

Is one place where you can definitely store your luggage if you want to. However, airport luggage storage tends to be one of the most expensive options available on the  market. Many Airports charge up to $35 to store bags for the day. Also, airports are often not near the place where you will be spending the day, so it can be extremely inconvenient to have to return all the way to the airport to get your luggage back.

Hotel Storage

Hotels are another place where you can store your luggage. However, they too can be quite expensive and inconvenient. Hotels frequently will charge up to $20 a day to store your luggage. Also, many hotels will only storage your luggage if you will be staying at the hotel. Further, hotels have the same issue as airports, they are often not located conveniently near where you will be spending your day in the city. This can add to your stress.


You may be able to find random storage lockers throughout the city where you can store your bags. However, the issue with these lockers is that there is usually not an attendant there supervising them. So, these storage options are not usually the most secure.

Your Friend’s House 

If you have good friends, then they may let you store your stuff at their house. However, it can be an inconvenience for both of you to make this happen. This is especially true if your friend lives far from where you will be spending the day. Also, your friend may try to get you to pick up the bar tab in return, so you could actually end up paying more than you would storing your luggage at the airport or the hotel! Proceed with caution.

Train Station

Like hotels and airports, many train stations have temporary luggage storage options. However, also like hotels and airports, these options are generally on the expensive side, and can be far from where you will be hanging out in the city. This will be very inconvenient when you have to return to pick up your bags later.

Self Storage Centers  

Self storage centers are not the worst option. They are generally cheaper than train stations, airports, and hotels. However, they are more set up for long-term storage. For example, you may have to fill out a lot of paperwork. Also, these centers usually do not have apps that allow you to book space ahead of time. So, you could show up only to realize that there are no options available.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage involves having a car come and pick up your bags, take them, and store them temporarily while you spend your day enjoying the city. While this service may seem convenient, there can be a number of complications associated with it. This service takes more coordination and time to have your luggage picked up and and dropped off. Furthermore, rates for mobile storage can be on the expensive side.

StoreMe Method: The Choice of the Modern Traveler  

The StoreMe method provides the most convenience and some of the best hourly and daily pricing on the market. Simply download the StoreMe app, reserve your space with one of our conveniently located luggage storage hosts, and drop off your luggage. StoreMe has locations all over the city of Philadelphia, and there is sure to be one very close to you, don’t sweat it!

StoreMe caters to the modern traveler by making their service mobile-friendly, simple, and cost-friendly. If you would like to store your luggage in the cheapest, safest, and most convenient way, then you should check out StoreMe today!

1. Install the App 

Tap or click HERE for iOS and HERE for Andriod. Search “getstoreme” in the Apple or Google Play Store and download the app. You can do this before you land or when you just touch down. Search the city for the neighborhood you are looking for luggage or bag storage, and select a time that fits into your schedule for pick-up.

2. Check-in Luggage or Bags 

When you arrive at your StoreMe location, show the location host your email confirmation with all of your reservation details so he or she can confirm everything on his or her end. Once confirmed, the host will check you in and put your luggage or bags in a safe and secure place.

3. Reserve a Space

When you’ve decided on a location to store your bags or luggage make sure you select the number and size of items as well as how long you’d like to store. Snap a quick photo of your luggage, and you should be all set. StoreMe app will provide you with an estimated storage price. You will have one hour to check-in to your location after reserving. If you fail to show up, your reservation will expire, but not to worry as you can always make a new one!

Experience Philadelphia Without the Hassle

While you’re in Philly, there are a number of things that you should do and see. You should try a Philly cheesesteak, for sure. You can also go to the famous rocky stairs, go to the Benjamin Franklin Museum, catch a Phillies game, go to Independence Hall, or check out the Liberty Bell. All of these things are fun to do, and they are even more fun when you aren’t carrying a twenty pound backpack on your shoulders!

Store With StoreMe Whenever You’re in Philly!

We really value our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience so that you will want to store your luggage with us whenever you’re in town. We are confident that our luggage storage service is the best in the city, and we think that you’re going to love it. So, if you try us out, and you like our services, then feel free to store with us whenever you’re in the city of brotherly love!

We will keep your items safe and secure. We also provide up to $3,000 of insurance coverage per bag. You can rest assured knowing that you are never going to have to deal with a loss equal to the value of the items in your bag. Secure storage of your luggage is our top priority. We look forward to storing your bags!

Here are some of the best attractions in Philadelphia

Citizens Bank Park
Independence Hall
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Liberty Bell 
The Benjamin Franklin Museum

Host Locations By Neighborhood

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City Center – Luggage Storage
Independence Hall – Luggage Storage
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Fitler Square – Luggage Storage
South Station – Luggage Storage
Southwest Center City – Luggage Storage
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