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Luggage Storage NYC

What’s the best option for luggage storage in NYC?

StoreMe is the #1 rated, best solution for luggage storage in NYC according to Google Reviews: 5 Stars as of 2018.

So, you want to go into the city for the day but have too many bags. Considering not going sightseeing because you don’t know where to store your luggage? You need a luggage storage in NYC. Enter StoreMe.

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3 Simple Steps to Get Luggage Storage in NYC

best option for luggage storage in NYC

1. Install the App

Tap or click HERE for iOS and HERE for Andriod.

Search “getstoreme” in the Apple or Google Play Store and download the app. You can do this before you land or when you just touch down. Search the city for the neighborhood you are looking for luggage or bag storage, and select a time that fits into your schedule for pick-up.

2. Reserve a Space

When you’ve decided on a location to store your bags or luggage make sure you select the number and size of items as well as how long you’d like to store. Snap a quick photo of your luggage, and you should be all set. StoreMe app will provide you with an estimated storage price. You will have one hour to check-in to your location after reserving. If you fail to show up, your reservation will expire, but not to worry as you can always make a new one!

3. Check-in Luggage or Bags

When you arrive at your StoreMe location, show the location host your email confirmation with all of your reservation details so he or she can confirm everything on his or her end. Once confirmed, the host will check you in and put your luggage or bags in a safe and secure place.

Now You Can Enjoy New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and Much More Knowing that You Have Luggage Storage in NYC

Pick it Up When You’re Done

When you’re done for the day, simply open up the app, go back to your location, verify your bag and then you can be on your way. We’re confident you’ll find this to be the best luggage storage NYC option.

NYC Brooklyn Queens Luggage Storage

StoreMe is The #1 App for Luggage Storage in New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

We have storage locations all around the New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. We offer the best luggage storage NYC spaces and lockers in key locations like the Port Authority, Penn Station, and Grand Central Station. Plus, luggage storage in Brooklyn, in places like Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Convenience Matters

The map is user-friendly so select a location near your current location, or where you’re heading. StoreMe has 100+ locations and is growing, so there’s sure to be a location. Some StoreMe locations include Nap York, VapeNY and Cafe 31 by Penn Station as well as a UPS Store and AIE near Grand Central Station. StoreMe is super convenient.

Most Popular Luggage Storage NYC Places

Browse Our Luggage Storage NYC Locations Below

Most Popular & Best Luggage Storage Locations:

Luggage Storage Manhattan

Luggage Storage New York City Popular Spots

Near Empire State Building – Luggage Storage
Near Rockefeller Plaza – Luggage Storage
Near the Statue of Liberty – Luggage Storage
Near The Museum of Natural History – Luggage Storage
Midtown – Luggage Storage
Union Square Park – Luggage Storage
Greenwich Village – Luggage Storage
Tribeca – Luggage Storage
East Village – Luggage Storage

Luggage Storage Brooklyn

Williamsburg – Luggage Storage


Remeber: StoreMe is the #1 iOS & Android App for Luggage Storage in NYC

Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy your newly found freedom.

Enjoy New York City

Now get out there and see the City! Some can’t miss attractions for you: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park’s Strawberry Fields, and more. Thanks to StoreMe, you can freely roam the streets of NYC without being held down by your bags. Download the app, make a reservation, and drop off your luggage or bags. Luggage storage in New York City is that easy!

Have any questions about StoreMe or luggage storage in NYC? Contact us below or browse through our iOS app to learn more.