Luggage Storage Near Penn Station: How To Kill 6 Hours With Ease

It’s mid-afternoon and you’re surrounded by sounds: cabs swerving in and out of lanes, the chef at the halal cart scraping, and a crew getting ready for the Knicks game later tonight. You’ve dropped off your luggage at VapeNY, a StoreMe’s location near Penn Station, and you have a few hours to wander. Now, that nothing is weighing you down quite literally (thanks StoreMe!), let’s have you fall in love with this city in 6 hours.

Three people cheering with iced coffee and lattes at Verve Coffee

Bryant Park

It’s 2:30 pm and New Yorkers are wearing colors other than black. Walk up a few blocks and grab an espresso or a three africans drip coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee on W 40th street. Then, after you’ve sipped on your coffee for under $3.50 (what a steal), head on over to Bryant Park on 40th and 6th. Take a seat on one of the green metallic chairs and people watch for a little bit. It’ll surprise you in the best way. After you’ve had your fill of suits, Uniqlo jeans, and Herschel backpacks, stroll into the New York Public Library on 5th Ave. It will provide a Hogwarts feel in this four-beats-too-fast of a city.


It’s probably been about an hour or two and you’re ready to go admire Empire State Building. Whether it’s your first or sixth time, seeing this beauty is always a must. Instead of paying a ton of money to climb the stairs though, go peep this skyscraper from Soju Haus. Grab a drink and delicious Korean appetizers. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world and the Empire State Building will be scary close to you. Cheers to an incredible photo opportunity!

Overhead shot of table with bowls of pho, kimchi, and Korean food

Now, it’s probably around 5:30 pm and you’re ready for good cuisine. Admire the Macy’s Herald Square on W 34th before you make your way to dinner. Here, I have food options for both my vegetarians and meat-lovers. K-town is known for their side vegetable dishes and Korean BBQ; in my opinion, the best places are either Jongro or New Wonjo. The wait time to get a table before 7pm is usually about 30 minutes, so as long as you make it here before then, you’ll have ample time to devour it all. If not, there are also a ton of cafeterias with pre- made foods and delicious bakeries, so don’t stress too much about the clock (doesn’t a red bean pastry from Tous Les Jours sound incredible also?)

For my meat lovers, get the marinated beef and the seafood pancake. For my veggie lovers, order the bibimbap. Both parties will not be disappointed, I promise. After you’ve savored each bite, make time for the most important meal of the day: dessert. Head on over to Grace Street and order boba tea, waffles with ice cream, or Patbingsu (a classic Korean shaved ice dessert with a variety of toppings). In this aesthetically pleasing café, do keep in mind that the minimum per person here is around $5.00. However, with all of these delicious choices, I presume that won’t be too big of an issue.

After making your way out, let’s walk back up to your luggage storage location. New York City looks great on you and StoreMe is always here to help make your journey that much easier. Go and have a look at our link for our multiple locations through our free app (StoreMe). We’ll see you soon!