Luggage Storage Near Chelsea: 3 Hours To Explore

Welcome to the west side of Manhattan! You have 3 hours to spare near Chelsea and although it may not seem like enough time, it’s just enough time to grab either that delicious Coco Mint Paddy Donut or that unique bacon-filled donut nearby. Oh yes, you heard me! Drop off your suitcase or bag at either MN Cleaners or Adam’s Market place, one of StoreMe’s location nearby. Okay, so you’ve made it to the highline: a New Yorker’s version of serenity and nature (excuse the sudden sirens). Here, we sunbathe, read, and relax: the perfect place to wind down. From an incredible view of the water ahead to some of New York’s greatest artwork, the Highline is a sight to see. Keep your eye out for the old man sculpture, a poster spitting a thousand colors, and the architecture abound!

Now, it’s probably been about an hour and you’ve captured the perfect photo of you holding hands with the sculpture. Will leave this description at that because when you’ve found the reference in person, you’ll be happy I didn’t spoil the details for you. Let’s keep rolling.

With about an hour and a half left over, it’s time to eat at Chelsea Market. For a quick surf, grab a lobster roll and a lemonade at The Lobster Place. Name a more perfect duo? I can’t either. Next, for my sushi lovers, grab the fresh sashimi in the fridges nearby. It’s incredible…ly fresh. Now, for my meat goers, grab a pollo asado taco from Los Tacos No. 1 right across the way and taste all of the salsa. From mild to spicy, each one adds a different tang in the best way possible. Finally, for my vegetarians, stop by Num Pang – their roasted cauliflower sandwich has a hidden spice that’ll have you wanting seconds. Maybe even thirds.

Box of half eaten donuts on an office break room table

Now, before I leave you with these decisions, I won’t leave you hanging about these donuts. You see, I saved the best for last. Go to doughnuttery and get these treats with the dipping sauce as well. Beer Caramel Sauce? This is not a drill!

Let’s end the day at Artists & Fleas before heading back up to grab your luggage. Your luggage safety is our number one priority whether it’s with us for 6 hours or just for 2. In fact, we just want you to have two free hands: one to hold a lobster roll and the other to carry the mini donut. See, we all have mutual priorities here. We hope you’ve enjoyed this side of the island!