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How it works

StoreMe fits into your daily life. We utilize existing space to store your luggage in businesses from coffee shops to hotels. Search for the nearest bag storage location in Miami, Florida, reserve in advance or on-demand, drop and enjoy the city. Pick up your luggage at your convenience.



at locations nearby in Miami. First 30 minute are free



on-demand or in advance with verified locations



without having to schlep. We got you covered!



and store luggage to fit your schedule. Simple!



Each reservation is insured
up to $3,000



Each location is verified by our team
before joining Host platform



Host locations have security
cameras to manage business

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Frequently asked questions

What is StoreMe?

StoreMe is a web or mobile app that enables on-demand luggage in businesses by the hour or day. You can reserve in advance or on-demand.

Are stored items insured?

Yes, we insure stored items up to $3,000 per reservation. Please refer to the Terms of Service for more details.

What is the vetting process for locations?

It is critical that our customers have confidence in the places where they store items. Locations must apply to appear on the StoreMe platform. A member of our team will inspect the applicant’s location prior to becoming a StoreMe Host. While our vetting process is intended to make sure that locations, where your items will be stored, are suitable for such purpose and secure, we do not have any control over Hosts and therefore all items that you elect to store with a Host are done so at your own risk. We encourage you to use your own discretion regarding the safety, security and suitability of any particular Host location. All customers have the option to rate locations after every transaction to ensure that hosts are constantly providing a high-level of service.

How do I make a reservation?

1. Search the city to find a location
2. Input drop-off & pick-up time filter locations on map
3. Click a pin to select the location
4. Input # of storage items and take a picture
5. Reserve space

How long can I store an item for?

The minimum duration is 1 hour. The maximum duration is up to the location, which varies. You can find this information in the web under “Reserve Now” screen or on mobile app on the “Select Location” screen above the hours of operation.

Best Luggage Storage Miami
Best Luggage Storage Miami

From its beautiful beaches to its incredible night clubs, Miami is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. Despite the fact that Miami is such a great place to visit, your trip can be far less enjoyable if you have to lug your heavy suitcases around all day while you travel and explore the city.

Miami has a number of temporary luggage storage options available to travelers. However, some of these options are far better than others. If you will be heading to Miami in the near future, here is a quick rundown of all of the luggage storage options that you will have available to you.

Miami International Airport

Storing your luggage at the Miami International Airport is one option that will be available to you. However, there are several issues with storing your bag at the Miami International Airport. It is more expensive. It can cost up to $19 to store a single bag at the Airport for a day. These prices can also rise at any time. Furthermore, most people do not spend their trip right near the airport, so it can be extremely inconvenient to return to the airport at night, or at some other point to retrieve your luggage while you are in Miami.

Hotel Storage

Hotel storage is another option for you if you need temporary luggage storage in Miami. However, many hotels in Miami will only store your luggage if you are staying in the hotel. If you decide to store in a random hotel near where you will be going, you run the risk of having problems. Hotel storage can alseo be expensive, upwards of $20 per luggage. Furthermore, if your hotel is not where you will be spending your day, then getting to and from the hotel to pick up your luggage can be a real pain.  can be very inconvenient.


While you travel around the city of Miami, you may be able to find locker rentals for luggage storage. These storage lockers are an option for you, but they are only in a handful of locations.

StoreMe Luggage and Baggage Storage

The StoreMe method provides optimum convenience and extremely competitive hourly and daily pricing. Simply download the StoreMe app, reserve space with one of our conveniently located luggage storage Hosts and drop off your luggage. StoreMe has locations all over Miami and there is sure to be one very close to you–so don’t sweat it!

Store Your Luggage with StoreMe Whenever You’re in Miami!

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our goal is to give you the most cost-effective and convenient storage option available in the market. In addition to giving you extremely affordable, secure and convenient temporary luggage storage, we also provide a $3,000 in insurance for each reservation. We understand that your peace of mind is extremely important..We look forward to storing your luggage and bags next time you are in Miami!

Experience Miami Without the Hassle

Miami is filled with lots of culture and plenty of fun things to do during that day or at night. You can chill poolside at a luxurious hotel or catch some waves on South Beach. You can enjoy the wild nightlife and music scene or a delicious meal at one of the many acclaimed restaurants. You can peruse the eclectic art scene of Wynwood or just meander the city streets. And one thing is for sure you don’t have to schlep your luggage!