Slices Near StoreMe Locations: We’ll keep it brief and not too cheesy

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A slice of pizza for only a dollar? Yes! You see, pizza is our soul food here, especially at 3 am. In fact, it’s common to find paper plate remnants and pepperoni grease along the crosswalks: both are crucial staples of this four-beats-too-fast of a city. Now that you’ve dropped off your luggage, you’re probably wondering where to get the best slice near your StoreMe location – Here are a few of our favorites.

Lower East Side

So, you’ve dropped off your luggage at The Device Shop on Rivington Street and you’re dying for a memorable slice. Look no further than about a 10-minute walk to Prince Street Pizza. This place doesn’t stay open too late, but it’s still perfect in every square-shape and way. (We are a  huge fan of both the Margherita square pizza and the pepperoni). You won’t even think twice about sharing a bite. Next slice!

Union Square

It’s great weather and you’ve passed by the men playing chess in the Union Square Park. Now, it’s time to drop off your luggage at one of the StoreMe’s locations nearby, either at Ace Hardware or Fat Cat Kitchen, and head on over to a fantastic pizza parlor right around the corner. Actually, because we love you, we’ll share two of our favorite places around here instead. Welcome to Joe’s Pizza – the pizza parlor that stays open past 1am. Here, you must try the white pizza slice and top it off with both red chili flakes and parmesan. My mouth is watering! On to the next, head over two avenues to Artichoke Pizza. The name explains it all: the artichoke pizza is a must. It’s drenched in a white sauce and stacked with a pile of veggies.

Midtown West

You’ve dropped off your luggage at either VapeNY Midtown, Nap York, or The Device Shop in Times Square. Amidst the hustle of photographers and the twenty bootleg Spidermen in Times Square, it’s time to find that perfect slice around here. I mentioned a dollar slice above and 99 Cent Fresh Pizza doesn’t mess around. It’s not the fanciest pizza in the world, but it hits the spot. The freshness is hidden in the sauce and the gem is the cheese. Happy wallet, happier stomach.

View from the Empire State Building on downtown New York

Keep in mind that most of these pizza shops accept cash only. Thanks for using StoreMe!