Best Luggage Storage Miami

From its beautiful beaches to its incredible night clubs, Miami is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. Despite the fact that Miami is such a great place to visit, your trip can be far less enjoyable if you have to lug your heavy suitcases around all day while you travel and explore the city.

Miami has a number of temporary luggage storage options available to travelers. However, some of these options are far better than others. If you will be heading to Miami in the near future, here is a quick rundown of all of the luggage storage options that you will have available to you.

1. Miami International Airport

Storing your luggage at the Miami International Airport is one option that will be available to you. However, there are several issues with storing your bag at the Miami International Airport. It is more expensive. It can cost up to $19 to store a single bag at the Airport for a day. These prices can also rise at any time. Furthermore, most people do not spend their trip right near the airport, so it can be extremely inconvenient to return to the airport at night, or at some other point to retrieve your luggage while you are in Miami.

2. Hotel Storage

Hotel storage is another option for you if you need temporary luggage storage in Miami. However, many hotels in Miami will only store your luggage if you are staying in the hotel. If you decide to store in a random hotel near where you will be going, you run the risk of having problems. Hotel storage can alseo be expensive, upwards of $20 per luggage. Furthermore, if your hotel is not where you will be spending your day, then getting to and from the hotel to pick up your luggage can be a real pain.  can be very inconvenient.

3. Lockers

While you travel around the city of Miami, you may be able to find locker rentals for luggage storage. These storage lockers are an option for you, but they are only in a handful of locations

4. Your Friend’s House

If you have a friend who lives in Miami, then this may be a decent option. However, if your friend is disorganized or unreliable, do you really want to rely on them for your luggage? Also, your friend may not live near where you will be hanging out during your visit, creating more problems.

5. The Train Station

Train stations often have baggage storage options, just like airports. Such options, however, are often on the expensive side. Also, unless you will be spending your entire day near the train station it will most likely be a major inconvenience to store your bag at the train station. For these reasons, storing your bag at a train station is usually not an ideal choice.

6. Self-Storage Areas

Self-storage is a decent option. These locations are usually secure, and they often have an attendant and video surveillance. However, they are more designed for long-term storage. In fact, if you try to store your luggage at a self-storage operation, they may require you to fill out paperwork and agree to a longer-term storage arrangement. If your storage will be short, then this option is probably not the best bet for you.

7. Mobile Storage

There are a number of mobile storage options available for short-term luggage storage in the city of Miami. If you are unfamiliar with mobile storage, the way that it works is that a sprinter van usually will come and pick up your bags and store them temporarily. They will return them to you when you are ready. Mobile storage is convenient, yes, but it can be more on the expensive side since there is a driver involved. Also, Miami traffic can be unpredictable, busy and stressful to coordinate a luggage pickup and drop-off.

8. StoreMe Method: The Choice of the Modern Traveler

The StoreMe method provides optimum convenience and extremely competitive hourly and daily pricing. Simply download the StoreMe app, reserve space with one of our conveniently located luggage storage Hosts and drop off your luggage. StoreMe has locations all over Miami and there is sure to be one very close to you–so don’t sweat it!

StoreMe caters to the modern traveler by making their service mobile-friendly, simple, and cost-friendly. If you would like to store your luggage in the cheapest, safest, and most convenient way, then you should check out StoreMe today!

How StoreMe Works

Install App

The StoreMe App is available for both IOS and Android. You can find the app in either the App Store or the Google Play Store by searching for, “getstoreme.” You can easily download the app at any time, before or after you get to Miami. Once you have the app installed, you can use it to search for a luggage storage location to drop-off your things. Select your luggage pick-up for a time that fits into your schedule. .

Reserve Space

Select the number and size of your items to store in addition to how long you would like to store them for. Then snap a quick photo of your luggage and upload it to the app. Then make your reservation and you should be good to go!

Check-in Luggage or Bags

Once you have made a reservation for your luggage and have arrived at the StoreMe location, just show the Host location your email confirmation. The Host will  confirm your emailed reservation, check you in and place your luggage storage in a safe and secure place until you return to pick-up.

Store Your Luggage with StoreMe Whenever You’re in Miami!

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our goal is to give you the most cost-effective and convenient storage option available in the market. In addition to giving you extremely affordable, secure and convenient temporary luggage storage, we also provide a $3,000 in insurance for each reservation. We understand that your peace of mind is extremely important..We look forward to storing your luggage and bags next time you are in Miami!

Experience Miami Without the Hassle

Miami is filled with lots of culture and plenty of fun things to do during that day or at night. You can chill poolside at a luxurious hotel or catch some waves on South Beach. You can enjoy the wild nightlife and music scene or a delicious meal at one of the many acclaimed restaurants. You can peruse the eclectic art scene of Wynwood or just meander the city streets. And one thing is for sure you don’t have to schlep your luggage!

Here are some of Miami’s best attractions:

South Beach

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Bayside Marketplace

Miami Design District

American Airlines Arena

Millionaire’s Row Cruise

Miami Everglades Airboat Adventure with Transport