Best Luggage Storage Atlanta

Best Luggage Storage Atlanta

Travel light in Atlanta without all the baggage weighing you down is what we advise at StoreMe. Atlanta was originally founded as the terminating stop of a major state-sponsored railroad. With rapid expansion, however, it soon became the convergence point between multiple railroads, spurring its rapid growth. The southern capital know for it rich African American history and other immigrants from the turn of the century, Atlanta has got a lot of character and heart. And of curse Atlanta is a lot more fun without the hassle of your luggage and bags. Enter StoreMe!

StoreMe’s on-demand luggage storage app gives you many convenient options to leave your baggage behind. The app is super easy to use. Reserving space within minutes has never been easier.

Yes, we value safety too! All locations area vetted to make sure they are up to the highest standards, and we offer insurance up to $3,000 per reservation. StoreMe is an affordable and convenient option compared to luggage lockers and other short-term rental options. It’s that simple!

So end us an email to and we will send you your own special promo code to get up to 30% off on your reservation.

A Little More On Atlanta

Home to many historical attractions and sights to see, the The National Center For Civil and Human Rights is a great place to get started upon arrival. Located downtown, this engaging cultural attraction connects the American Civil Rights Movement to today’s struggle for Global Human Rights

Of course if you want to see these sights, you are better off without your things holding you back. StoreMe’s luggage storage and baggage storage solution is great option for you in Atlanta when you are on the go. If you didn’t know, now you do know but short-term luggage storage has become a thing in cities across the US. StoreMe can accomodate your storage needs by the hour or day through its app at the touch of a finger and within minutes.

So when you are in Atlanta and you need to take a load off, look no further–StoreMe’s got your back! Frankly, we are just a more convenient and affordable option compared to antiquated luggage lockers, which are expensive and have their shortcomings like convenience and proximity to where you are located.

Luggage Storage Atlanta

Luggage Storage near Greyhound

Storing your luggage or bags near Greyhound Atlanta is a great option for travelers arriving from a bus ride and looking to experience Atlanta for the day short period traveling experience. StoreMe has convenient locations to make this an easy and accessible option for you.

Luggage Storage near Downtown Atlanta

Needing luggage and baggage storage near Atlanta’s central business hub, StoreMe can help you out here. Shlepping your bags to and from meetings will be a thing of the past StoreMe in your back pocket.

Luggage Storage near SkyView Ferris Wheel

Lookout above the clouds, ok not literally, from Atlanta’s 20-story high ferris wheel. We would advise you not to bring your luggage or bags on the ferris wheel, it’s going to be tight fit!

Luggage Storage near Mercedes Benz Stadium

We repeat you cannot bring bags into the stadium. We repeat you cannot bring bags into the stadium. It’s okay. StoreMe has locations nearby to take this monkey off your back!

Luggage Storage near The Fox Theatre

You cannot truly enjoy this former movie kingdom with your luggage or bags in toe. Just Getstoreme!

Alternative Luggage Storage In Atlanta

Ok, so yes, there other options for luggage storage in Atlanta, but’t not efficient or a slam dunk! We recommend connecting with the storage locations before shlepping all your things over there and pricing really varies. The great thing about StoreMe is our pricing does not change from place to place. We like to simplify things!

Luggage Storage Centers

Baggage storage services Atlanta can cost you around $7 for small bags and $13 for large bags. Luggage drop-offs and advanced reservations is allowed but it’s best that you call them to reserve your space.

Luggage Storage Airport

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport: Unfortunately there are no luggage or bag lockers at the Atlanta Airport but storage service is available at Wrap-A-Bag outlets at the airport. This will cost will run you around $4 to $5 for small and medium bags, which can be stored in the two terminals. Check the address and timings here: North Terminal – 6am to 7pm and South Terminal – 10am to 11pm

Airbnb Host or Hotels

Going the most conventional way, you can always ask your hotels and Airbnb host for short-term luggage and bag storage. Many hotels will allow you store your luggage short-term but sometimes it can be a hassle and inefficient. Some will let you even store for free but it’s not a sure bet and, of course, it’s always a nice gesture to top the bellhop on the way out. Some Airbnb Hosts allow you store before check-in and check-out but it’s not a sure things so you better inquire with your Host before arriving in New Orleans. Not to fret, StoreMe’s got you covered in the end!

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